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Dr. Sun Yat Sen’s Penang Base
at 120 Armenian Street, Penang, Malaysia

Dr. Sun Yat Sen

Dr. Sun Yat Sen alias Sun Chong San was born in Guandong Province, near Macao. He studied as a youth in Hawaii and Hong Kong and worked as a medical doctor in Canton and Macao.

Sailing several times around the world, he campaigned for the Chinese Revolution, attracting considerable support from the Overseas Chinese.

Dr. Sun promoted the ideology of the ‘Three Principles of the People’ (Nationalism, People's Power and People's Livelihood).

Dr. Sun Yat Sen as a young revolutionary in London, where he was ‘kidnapped’ by the Chinese Embassy

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Dr. Sun Yat Sen in Penang

Dr. Sun first came to Penang in 1905. Each year, he visited Penang to give speeches and promote the revolution.

He moved the Southeast Asian headquarters of the T’ung Meng Hui from Singapore to Penang, at a time when his greatest backing came from the Penang party members.

In 1910, Dr. Sun lived in Penang for six months, with his family, his first wife Madam Lu Muzhen, his second wife Madam Chen Cuifen, his two daughters and his brother. The daily expenses of Dr. Sun and his family were borne by his Penang supporters.

Dr. Sun Yat Sen’s house at Dato’ Kramat Road, Penang, demolished in the 1960s. Dr. Sun Yat Sen’s first wife (in black), second wife (left) and two daughters Sun Yan and Sun Wan are shown here.

Dr. Sun’s Penang Supporters

From left to right:

  • Wu Shirong alias Goh Say Eng, Penang T’ung Meng Hui leader, continued to be a leader of the overseas Kuomintang after 1911.
  • Huang Jinqing alias Ng Kim Kheng, gave away his fortune for the cause.
  • The poet Luo Zhonghuo, and two others, were martyrs of the Canton Uprising.
  • Chen Xinzheng alias Tan Sin Cheng spearheaded the founding of Chinese schools in Penang.

The ‘Penang Wife’

Madam Chen Cui Fen (1873-1962) also known as Tan Sua Huan was Dr. Sun’s common-law wife. When she was 19, they met in Hongkong. During the revolution, she was responsible for printing, intelligence and transporting firearms.

Madam Chen got on very well with Dr. Sun’s first wife Madam Lu. In 1910, both stayed together in Penang with Dr. Sun and his daughters from the first wife.

After the revolution, Madam Chen returned to Penang and looked after his two daughters who attended school at Convent Light Street, Penang..

Dr. Sun Yat Sen’s
Penang Base

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