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Aceh Heritage Community Foundation (AHC)
Activity 2008:
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Kerkhof Heritage Trail 2008, Sunday 25 May 2008
Survey on Tangible Heritage (3 years after tsunami), March-April 2008
Development of series of posters ‘Safeguarding the Living Heritage of Aceh, March-May 2008
Fieldtrip Fortress to Fortress, March 2008 - present
Excavation Project, March 2008
Survey on Intangible Heritage, February-March 2008

Banda Aceh Heritage Trail 2007 Program is part of a national event called ”Archipelago Trails 2007“, a series of heritage trails in several parts of Indonesia including Banda Aceh City. This recreational and educational activity was held from 26 August till 9 September 2007 in conjunction with the celebration of Indonesian Independence Day on 17 August. It is hoped that this can become a regular program in coming years, supported and participated by the wider community. Click here for more details.

Click here for more photo gallery of Banda Aceh Heritage Trails.
Click here for more photo gallery of Old Banda Aceh Photo Exhibition.
Click here for more photo gallery of 'Bakti Sosial', community work to clean up heritage sites.

Aceh Heritage Update
February 2007

Following the Aceh Heritage Post-Tsunami Alert launched on the Lestari Heritage Network website, the Aceh Heritage Community Foundation was formed by Yenny Rahmayati. Lestari Heritage Network contacted the Nara Machizukuri Centre and the Seikatsu Consumer Club, both of Japan, to support the inventory. The pilot stage of the inventory has been completed and can be downloaded from the Inventory of Heritage Sites and Buildings in Aceh webpage.

The task of Documenting The Heritage of Aceh needs to be continued. The Aceh Heritage Community Foundation is seeking further funding to continue this important work and to publish the results.

Meanwhile, the Aceh Heritage Community Foundation has organised several event. Its main project, the Renovation of the Ex MULO School SMA Negeri 1 Banda Aceh is well under way, with substantial sponsorship from the Swiss Solidarity Fund ('Fondation Chaine du Bonheur') and through the support of the International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC).

Post-Tsunami Alert

In the Indian Ocean tsunami of 26 December 2004, coastal Aceh was the worst hit, being closest to the quake's epicentre. Aceh suffered massive losses in terms of life and property, infrastructure and natural environment. Entire settlements were swept away, and a large part of the capital Banda Aceh was destroyed.

Although the humanitarian cause is the now the most urgent and vital, we should not forget the long-term importance of heritage to Aceh's recovery and future development.

The heritage of Aceh contributes to the psychological well-being, social pride and identity of the Acehnese. Heritage plays a role in cross-cultural exchange within Indonesia and abroad. Identification, rescue, safeguarding and conservation efforts must begin now, during the rebuilding process.

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Save Aceh Heritage

Bandar Aceh Heritage Trails and Photo Exhibition
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Events Update 2007:
Aceh Heritage Community Foundation collaborates with Nara Machizukuri Centre and Asian Research Institute, National University of Singapore

Inventory of Heritage Sites & Buildings in Aceh

Post-Tsunami Alert

Documenting the Heritage
of Aceh


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