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Project concept

The Sculpture Island project is a public initiative by conceptual artist
Hitori Nakayama, State Art Gallery, and
Environmental Art Heritage Group
(or Penang Earth Group).

The vision is to have sculptors from all over the
world will be invited to share in a dream of
turning Penang into a "Sculpture Island."
They will lend their expertise and time to
spend 1-2 months in Penang to create works
of art at designed sites.

Through these artistic contributions, the
Penang eARTh Project would have 50 outdoor
sculptures to form an "art corridor" that would
serve as a permanent tourist attraction
to the island.


Project implementation

The Penang eARTh Project is spread over five years (extendable) to create 50 original sculptures at different and diverse locations on Penang Island.

As of September 2005, eight artists from Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, and the United States have agreed to participate in the project.In the future, a location map of the sculptures will be created to encourage visitors to take a sightseeing tour along the "art corridor" throughout the island.

Postcards and souvenirs related to the sculptures will also be created.


Project rationale

Penang is an island abuzz with activities that attract a stream of international and regional tourists. Some of them are attracted by the island's cultural heritage, others visit the beaches, while others came to participate in the many religious and cultural festivals throughout the year.

The Sculpture Island Project would enhance Penang's cultural and natural attractions with permanent, original works of art by internationally renowned sculptors.

During the residencies of the artists, there would be opportunities for Penang residents, students, and local artists for exchange and inspiration. Moreover, the public would be encouraged to participate in the works while they are in progress. Such opportunities would made Penang a destination not only for tourists but art lovers.






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Katsusmi Mukai
Oct-Nov 2005

Wood artist Katsusmi Mukai visited Penang for two months to create a towering outdoor sculpture for the Komtar landscape. He volunteered to work in Penang to support his long-time friend, Nakayama, who dreams of turning the "Pearl of the Orient" into a unique island of sculptures.

During the two months, Penang residents were not only welcomed to watch the sculptor work at the foot of the KOMTAR, but they were also invited to participate in helping Mukai to sculpt the wood. This public participatory process has been a key to Mukai's art. Penang Development Corporation Setia Urus Sdn Bhd has become the first company to support the Sculpture Island Project by providing, among others, a site to place Mukai's sculpture. Famous for his work for the past quarter of a century, Mukai's works could be found in Japan, Korea, France, Germany, and the United States.



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